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ブルノ/BRNO Dri+Cap Dehumidifier Cap System for Nikon DRI+KITNIK/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー BADCDCSNK・High quality body and rear cap set with 8 packs of foil sealed silica gel.
・Silica gel changes color from orange to deep green as it is exhausted.
・Special gel bags do not give off dust particles.
・Maintains relative humidity in camera body and lens at 35 to 45%.
・O ring seals to keep moisture out of caps. Caps supplied with moisture proof covers for storage.

&bull As you know cameras and lenses especially modern electronically controlled ones can be easily - and permanently - damaged by exposure to moisture. Even the condensation that can occur by going from a cool room to a hot outdoors or a cold winter day into a heated house can create condensation on a lens or in a camera. This moisture can lead to fungus or mold damage over time. Humid environments are equally a problem.

&bull To solve the problem of humidity/moisture control BRNO has developed their unique dri+Cap protective system that maintains camera bodies and lenses at the proper relative humidity of 35 to 45%. This is accomplished by a color indicating silica gel in a special packet that does not shed dust particles. the packet is placed in a chamber in the rear of each dri+Cap.

&bull The chamber has an O ring to keep the cap seal the cap and not allow the packet to absorb moisture when the cap is not on the item. When attached the dri+Cap has another O ring to keep moisture out of the camera body or lens and to allow the packet to absorb whatever moisture the lens or body has been exposed to.

&bull The dri+Cap is supplied in a set for various camera bodies and lenses. Each kit includes a dri+Cap body cap and a dri+Cap rear lens cap plus 8 foil sealed packs of the BRNO color indicating silica gel.

ブルノ/ニコン/BRNO Dri+Cap Dehumidifier Cap System for Nikon DRI+KITNIK

34,815円 (税込 37,600 円)
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